About This Project

For my senior project as a computer science student at Hendrix College, I am working on an English to Kinyarwanda translation system. It is for this purpose that I set up this website as a tool to gather data to use when developing and training the translation system. I wrote a detailed paper about this project and I highly recommend this paper not only because I wrote it 😃, but also because it contains the necessary background information and details needed to fully understand the this project.

Help By Translating

You can contribute to the project by providing Kinyarwanda translation to english sentences in this spreadsheet. Note that for any given English sentence, there may exist more than one correct translations. If that is the case for any of the provided sentences, feel free to provide all the Kinyarwanda possible translations but in different columns. Also, even if a certain sentence has already been translated, you can still add a better or an alternative translation by typing it in the adjacent cell.